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For Business Owners

  • No Fake Reviews
  • Genuine Google Users & Account
  • Customised Review as per your request
  • Location Specific Reviews
  • TrueReviews® Profile Score for Each Reviewer
  • Payment to Reviewers after your Verification
  • Full Anonymity
  • No Use of API
  • Attractive Rates from $1 per Review

For Reviews

  • Instant Credit on Approval of a Review
  • Earn from $1 to $15 per Review
  • 2 Minutes to Rate & Write 1 Review
  • Unlimited Earning Opportunity
  • TrueReviews® Score as a Track Record
  • Ability Rate Local & Global Businesses
  • Full Anonymity
  • No Use of API
  • Attractive Rates as high as $15

We connect Business Owners with Reviewers where Reviewers earn money, Business Owners get True Reviews!

How does it work?

TrueReviews.Online works as a marketplace for Google Reviews We connect Genuine Google Users with Genuine Business Owners.

For Business Owners

  • Register as Business Owner
  • List your Business on TrueReviews®
  • Receive Approval from TrueReviews® Team
  • Choose Category & City of your Business
  • Choose Number of Reviews & Budget per Review
  • Give Review Instructions for Reviewers
  • Place an Order & Transfer Money in TrueReviews® Escrow
  • Receive Reviews from Reviewers & Approve them
  • Money will be transferred from Escrow to Reviewers
  • You got Google Reviews from Genuine Users & Accounts

For Reviews

  • Register as Reviewer
  • Receive Approval from TrueReviews® Team
  • Get a List of Businesses to Review
  • Go on Business, Visit Website, Read & Understand
  • Follow Review Writing Instruction in the Listing
  • Write a Detailed 150 Words Review for a Business on Google
  • Submit Review for Approval of Business Owner
  • Receive Credit in TrueReviews® Account once approved
  • TrueReviews® Rating of Reviewer from Business Owners
  • You earned money for Writing Genuine Review

About Us

We are a bunch of SEO came together to fill the need in the market.

 We found Businesses need well written & detailed Google Reviews from Genuine User Accounts who generally belong to the same Location of Business

To fill this gap, we started on-boarding reviewers from all over the world, who can earn money by writing decent reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Owner is the one who has a control over a Google My Business Listing. Digital Marketing Agency or SEOs can also register themselves Business Owners on behalf of their clients.

Anyone who has a valid Google Account & a fair amount of usage record is considered as a Reviewer. 

We have created this platform keeping it’s fair usage in mind. We are actively monitoring the usage & we consider negative reviews as non-acceptable as per our policy.

We highly discourage the rating given & review given without appropriate knowledge and experience with such business. Reviewer should pay due attention to shady practices & spam-my nature of Business and avoid rating such businesses.

1 detailed review consists of 150 words. Generally it takes 4-5 minutes to see the business, read the instruction, give appropriate rating and writing detailed Google Review. So one can leave roughly 12-15 reviews in an hour. 

If the review is $1 then one can make $12 to $15 and if the reviews are of $10 then one can make $120 to $150 an hour.

Once you put an order, we transfer your money to our TrueReview Escrow account. If Reviewers leave review & Business Owners approve of the same then the money is transferred from Escrow to Reviews account. Otherwise, we will refund the amount.

Based on past behaviour & feedback from Business Owner, we maintain our internal metric that help us offer more Earning Opportunity to Reviewers who are following the instructions and doing proper.

About TrueReviews.Online

We help Business get reviewd in Google. In the process, Reviewers can make money & Business Owners can get appropriate reviews.

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